Why Choose Us?

Diverse Destinations

We have chosen our destination routes from hundreds we’ve explored through every part of this peninsula, from north to south and from coast to coast. We’ve selected very different paths that provide adventures that will allow you, whatever time you have available, to experience the most authentic beauty of this country.

Travel with passion

Timeless Baja was developed from our passion for exploring and love for this land and its pristine and enchanting nature. We want to share this love and beauty with you.


Baja California is the second longest peninsula in the world. Here you can enjoy a great variety of plants and birds that are found in only a few places in the world.

Low Impact

Our destinations are often places where nature is untouched, and there is no trace of civilization. We adhere to the philosophy “leave only footprints.” The environmental balance of this land must be protected and passed down to future generations.

Local Culture

We often involve local people who live in the places we visit and they become part of our group. We discover that there are no strangers, only friends who we have not yet met.

Nature Therapy

Science has now shown that immersing ourselves in Nature lowers blood pressure, fights depression and helps relieve stress. We simply think that travel through such a pristine environment, enjoying its beauty and taking the time to notice its rhythms,  brings us back home relaxed, happy, and peaceful.
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