Painting the blue, blue sky…

Timeless Baja is excited to introduce Heather Gulliver, and a collaboration that we hope will grow into workshops and more adventures, as she has captured the light, color, and texture of Baja, in ways we have never seen before, except here! Here is what she has to say about her work:



Heather Gulliver


I was born in Zimbabwe, and my youth was spent looking at Africa – illuminating and awe inspiring. My paintings are part of my journey of discovery and expression, and much of it is influenced by the magic of Africa. I love the idea of bringing the atmospheres and values of the wild bush into everyday homes and galleries whose character and surroundings are vastly different.


Interview by Jeremy Broun


My work is mostly oil paint on canvas; I find the mixture of toughness and subtly that comes with this medium suits me well, not to mention the gorgeous smell of linseed oil. After many years of experimenting with abstract the content of  that brought me back to Africa and it’s light.



Much of my work centres around the succulent flora of southern Africa because formative years stay with you and I find that bush really excites me. I just love the beautiful rhythms of aloes, euphorbia and many more; the ways in which strong light plays upon them and the surrounding geology making atmospheric magic! Comparison with the plants that fill similar survival niches on the American continent has to be fascinating like the marked visual similarities between agave and aloe. It has long interested me how quite different species on different continents manage to look very similar through their techniques of coping with their environment. Burseraceae in all their glory occur in both places, yippee I love the wondrous textures of those papery barks.





Nature’s superb juxtapositions have provided great inspiration. Atmosphere is elusive and yet it influences our lives considerably. Continents mould people.

Life is not complete until nights have been spent in the open air under a starlit sky; even if the distraction means you forget to go to sleep.  After admiring the wonderful flowers of my husband’s cactus collection for many years I am very pleased to be able to see them in their native haunts. To my mind the natural garden as Mother Nature made it over shadows any man made effort every time. However that is not to say that I haven’t spent hundreds of hours of my life endeavouring to encourage exotic plants to grow in my various gardens, conservatories and green houses in the UK. When my family moved a separate lorry for the plants was required.; plant freak status is established.



I am excited to be spending time in Baja on Cactus Adventure Tour in November 2018, discovering more wild places that will inspire and delight me!






Heather Gulliver



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