Timeless Baja is an adventure travel company, born from the experience of Timeless Journeys, a small company in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We are located in southern Baja California, where there are still very few developed communities and many coasts and deserts are still devoid of any trace of civilization.

We feel it is in these places that you really can breathe in the essence of an extraordinary land, and we develop journeys that wind through these untouched areas, where humans have only made sporadic passage, like that of other animal species, passing through, and leaving it intact.

Immersing yourself in this natural place arouses wonder and opens your heart. It is common to find yourself with tears in your eyes while caressing a Grey whale, admiring a sky with more stars than you have ever seen, or coming across a wild animal, so unaccustomed to humans that they are unafraid, as he pauses to look deep in your eye, curious, before resuming his journey.

There are colorful paintings, over 10,000 years old, hidden among the deep canyons of the Sierra, which were home to the primitive people of this country, and there are missions built in the 17th century by the Jesuits who walked through Baja, and remains of ancient gold mines and the towns that once thrived in their vicinity.

Experiencing these places and the remoteness of them, stays with you always.

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Our Tours:

We offer two types of tours:  Adventure Tours, and  Self Drive Tours, which are based on two different principles, but both suitable to fully enjoying the beauty of this country, according to personal preferences.

Adventure tour

Our tours provide adventure trips along fascinating routes, using common means of ground transport with driver, allowing the passenger to travel in total relaxation throughout the holiday.

Timeless Baja chooses for these tours the best partners to meet all the expectations of the participants and provides decades of expertise to make the most of the travel experience.

Self Drive Tours

This Baja California adventure is a Self-drive tour, allowing total participation. Participants will drive either in their personal 4×4 vehicle, or one of ours, becoming the protagonist of their journey, combining the discovery of the territory, and the thrill of driving.

Mobile Camp

In pure adventure style, our Mobile Camp represents the most authentic and discrete way of visiting this splendid country. Just like the first explorers, we move through the various parts of Baja California: cutting through the landscapes of the Sierra Guadalupe, exploring the Vizcaino desert, driving along the coasts of the Pacific ocean and the Sea of Cortez, always surrounded by pristine nature.

There are various ways to explore Baja California , just as there are various hotels and tourist attractions, but nothing is more authentic, eco-compatible, and emotional as the Mobile Camp.

Our campsite is equipped with 6 tents which can accommodate up to 12 people. Every tent opens up to create good ventilation, two single beds with air mattresses, sleeping-bags, and everything necessary for a good nights rest in the bush. Our equipped vehicles will permit you to travel comfortably across the whole country. The tents, kitchen, our services, and everything you will need between one camp and another is all in the hands of our staff.

Your only obligation is to enjoy to the fullest the natural world that surrounds you.


We know these routes intimately, having visited and plotted our course carefully prior to your journey. Safety is the foundation of every modern adventure and a pleasant travel experience, which is why we propose itineraries that are well-known to us, also suitable for beginners. Your tour leader will suggest at any time the best options according to your preferences and your driving experience offroad. Each tour will be arranged with a satellite safety communications system.


Timeless Baja offers in the tour every type of equipment necessary to experience the adventure of the trip to the fullest, with accessories ranging from tents for camping, water tanks, refrigerators for food storage and beverages, and portable radios for secure communications in every moment of the trip.